Quality products at the best price to help you improve the reproduction of your animals or those of your customers. Whether you are a breeder, an inseminator, a veterinarian, an embryo transfer technician, a cooperative or a company, you will find all you need for bovine reproduction and others!

AXCE, the company


AXCE, technology at the service of reproduction.

This company created the Eye Breed and XtremiA, two innovative technologies, now used all over the world. Founded in 2012, its objective is to facilitate access to reproduction for all thanks to the Eye Breed but also to its important training offer. It also works to improve reproduction techniques and results through other tools such as the XtremiA, or with the range of latest technology ultrasound scanners it sells!


Come and discover the story of these men and women who work within three founding and innovative cooperatives to offer you the reproduction of tomorrow!


The online shop

Retrouvez tous les produits essentiels à la reproduction de vos animaux, des outils spécifiques tels que les échographes, l’Eye Breed ou XtremiA, en passant par les produits usuels comme les gants ou les gaines d’IA, vous trouverez forcément ce que vous cherchez dans notre boutique ZEN !

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